About Our Honey

Our hives are all located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. The main nectar flow (a time when enough plants are blooming in an area for bees to generate excess honey) occurs during late Spring and early Summer. A majority of the nectar they gather during this time is from mesquite trees. Other notable plants the bees forage from are palo verde trees, ironwood trees, prickly pear cactus, saguaro cactus, cholla cactus, fairy dusters, brittlebush, and orange trees (from neighboring properties). Our honey is truly pure, raw, and unfiltered. Exactly the way the bees make it.

PLEASE NOTE: Natural honey like ours will crystalize over time! This is perfectly normal and supposed to happen! Crystallization occurs when the glucose and water within honey separate causing the formation of glucose crystals. Crystallization changes the texture of honey over time into what many people refer to as "honey butter." It is perfectly fine to eat after it crystalizes. If you wish for your honey to return to a more liquid state simply place your jar in warm water or direct sunlight on a warm day until it reaches your desired consistency.